Rahr Malting Co. maintains the traditions of quality and customer service that have been the standard of industry excellence for over 170 years. 

Malt is available in 50/55lb sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk.

Rahr Malting Co. products are distributed in the United States and Canada by Brewers Supply Group

Rahr High DP Distillers Malt

Rahr distillers malt is processed using North American barley.

Rahr Malted Oats

Rahr Malted Oats is your new go-to for adding foam stability and a creamy texture to beer. Ideal for juicy or hazy IPA, stout, porter, or any beer style where increased foam development and silky mouthfeel is desired. Rahr Oat Malt brings earthy, grainy flavors as well as palate fullness.

Rahr North Star Pils™

A base malt to set your compass by! Rahr North Star Pils™ is crafted to meet the requirements of brewers looking for a domestic pilsner malt with low color and low modification.

Rahr Kilned Caramel 30

Rahr Kilned Caramel 30 adds rich golden-red color and notes of bread, honey, and caramel.

Rahr Kilned Caramel 47

Rahr Kilned Caramel 47 imparts bronze-red color and nutty, grainy, and mild caramel notes.

Rahr Kilned Caramel 80

Our Kilned Caramel 80 brings deep red-amber color along with nutty, caramel, bread crust, and grainy character.